The Agua Munda Puma is our most robust filtration product. Like the Condor filter, The Agua Munda Puma removes 99.9999% of bacterial and protozoan pathogens that cause waterborne diseases. The Agua Munda Puma uses no electricity, it is easy to clean, and will produce vast quantities of clean water for 10 years or more. In operational mode, the Agua Munda Puma filter is a passive system with no moving parts. It relies 100% on a gravity flow and can operate efficiently with as little as 3psi. 

The Agua Munda Puma is a powerful stationary, fixed point solution that mounts on a wall. The filter can either serve as a single, stand alone unit or be placed in series to produce continuous volumes of purified water. The Agua Munda Puma can serve small to large populations, depending on the number of filter panels installed. This scaleable, high volume filtration solution is ideal for use in villages, schools, hospitals, places of worship and so forth, wherever the capacity to implement plumbing infrastructure is present. For example, the Agua Munda Puma filter provides water for every house in a 78 family village as well as in the kitchen of a school serving 700 students. 

Implementation of our Agua Munda water filtration technologies results in significant health benefits and tremendous financial savings for our clients. Our filtration technologies instantly relieve users of the ongoing costs incurred from ineffective practices, such as boiling water, adding chlorine, or purchasing bottled water.

The Puma requires assembly.

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